Zazzle vs. CafePress

In 2005 I graduated with a degree in Graphic Design and jumped into the professional field right away. Foot Locker in Manhattan was my first “real job” I was one of their 3 designers for 3 years. Becoming tired of the rat race in the BIG city I left Foot Locker for a slower pace environment with more creative freedom job with Harris Jewelry on Long Island. Cutting down my commute by and hour and twenty minuets, I was in heaven for about a year… then I became bored. I had too much down time and not enough “rush.” Expressing this to my boss and the owner of the company I offered to work PT, as in a few days a week, but they wanted to keep someone FT and offered to let me go so I could collect unemployment until I found other work. My thoughts… “sweet!!!” Finishing up my last week of work then off to find that “job” that made me happy was amazingly exciting and terrifying and well worth the jump. I was let go in 2008 and began my journey.

Since then I learned how to have a successful amazon account selling books, DVDs and CDs. I would buy them from the library or thrift store and sell them online for a few dollars more. I also began to look for freelance work as a designer. Finding freelance work was a challenge and still is. Most employers want someone to work full time in their company. In doing the FT thing before I really wanted to stay away from that atmosphere and continue on my journey. I made an online portfolio and resume, posted ads on craigslist and printed business cards to hand out. In looking for freelance work websites I stumbled across places to sell my designs for people to buy on shirts and other apparel. Two places stood out to me one being Zazzle and the other being Cafepress, so I opened a FREE account at each and posted some designs.

My experience at Zazzle has been better than Cafepress. Although there is more traffic on the CafePress site I have sold more shirts on my Zazzle account. Every week I try to post up 4 different shirts. The ideas come from my life. When I’m driving along and something makes me laugh I write it down or record it and go back to it later. For every shirt sell I make about $2 on each site. Both sites offer a free site with similar features. CafePress only allows you to have one of shirt samples, as in, one black shirt, even though the design may be different (in the FREE account). Zazzle allows you to have as many black shirts with different designs as your heart desires (alos in the FREE account). As you pay more in CafePress you can show more shirt and item options, as in have all the items offered in each and any design. With both Zazzle and CafePress the more you pay the more you can customize the appearance of your shop. For me Zazzle is a much better deal, I use the FREE account and keep my designs up to date. The amount of money I make is the amount of groceries I use for our family (2 adults, 1 kid and 2 pets, oh and a step child, pt).

Being a SAHM I have realized that every bit counts. My husband is the sole provider of our house and he works very hard for what we have. If there is a chance that I can make some extra cash so we can save more or he can get something (like the video games he loves) than I’m there. Our family is our responsibility and I enjoy chipping in!


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